Formation of a geological simulation model is of great importance in modeling of geomechanical processes of structurally complex deposit development. Depending on geological conditions of structurally complex deposit development a geomechanical model is selected, and following the detailed mining-geometry analysis a design pattern is identified, which serves for the calculation of the parameters of an ultimate slope or the one with the specified stability margin factor.

Mathematical description of rock mass behavior and geomechanical processes going inside it is a complicated and not ultimately solved problem. In modeling of geomechanical processes in heterogeneous rock mass the potential or actual slikenslide surface must be formed based on specific geological conditions.

Based on the analysis of structural characteristics, coal seam and interbedding thickness and occurrence of the Elga coal deposit, as well as virgin rock strength prosperities the author proves the feasibility of the KSM-type surface miner application. The estimates are provided of the area of different rock type sections by depth and strike, and rock volume of interbeddings. It is also proved that selective mining of a structurally complex coal seam with the use of surface miners is the most reasonable technology providing the enhancement of coal qualitative characteristics.

The article describes the opportunities provided by ground penetrating radar in geophysical exploration of diamond placers. Different types of placers and characteristics of methods of geophysical exploration are discussed. Based on the practice of ground penetrating radar application in placer deposit exploration it is proposed to use this method for in-mine exploration and additional exploration of placer sites planned for mining.

Shaping of an underground working-reservoir, production of salt brines of the desired concentration and construction period are the main and most important criteria of underground reservoir construction in rock salt.

Oil and gas output grows mainly due to the development of new fields, automation and perfection of equipment and technologies for oil and gas well drilling and expansion of drilling scope. Today, the industry is faced with the challenge of new field development in conditions of the Extreme North, where permafrost rock formations occur.

The authors have performed a research into technology-related pollution over the territory of the Murmansk Oblast based on the data of satellite observations. It is proposed to characterize pollution sources by the area of aerosol effect and specific load.

The article describes a design concept providing sufficient visibility of the target coverage for mine excavator operators. The efficiency of the proposed engineering solution is estimated based on the visibility coefficient.

The article presents the analysis of coal exports of main coal producing countries and Russia in the period of 2000–2015. Detailed description is provided of coal exports from Australia, Indonesia, USA, China and Russia, as well as future development trends. The breakdown is presented of Russian coal exports and supply to the national market by application area in 2014 and 2015, as well as Russian coal exports by consumer country in 2015. Data is provided on coal export profiles of the main Russian coal basins and coalfield and major Russian coal producers in 2007–2015. The authors have also performed the analysis of the world market coal prices and the state-of-the art of the Russian and international coal exports and coal export development trends of future periods.

«Toxicity» of coal-fired heat and power generation

The article contains the organized information on the negative effect of microelements contained in coal and bottom ash and slag wastes of coal-fired power plants on the environment and population health. The author emphasizes the necessity of well-arranged monitoring of microelement content in coals and bottom ash and slag wastes of thermal power plants for minimization of this negative effect.


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