The article discusses the social background of the most important part of the Russian engineering community in the XIX century. The main components of the social status are analyzed, such as upbringing, education, financial standing and social security, scientific and operational excellence of mining engineers and researchers, as well as the attitude to them on behalf of the society and government. Conclusions and comparison are made.

The article discusses standard design of wells depending on their depth, main results of the research into gas migration in the interstring space of wells at gas fields of Eastern Siberia.

Large-scale re-equipment of old operating mines and their restructuring impose specific requirements to the level of occupational skills and knowledge, to the personnel re-skilling and development, as well as recruitment arrangements, because today, the personnel is a source of a great competitive advantage to a large extent determining the successful operation of an entire company. That is exactly why the highest degree of importance is acquired by the objectives of vocational training, re-skilling, recruitment of skilled personnel, as well as development of long-term personnel management and recruitment strategies at mines and in companies of the mineral mining sector of the economy.

In underground gas storage construction any environmental pollution is unacceptable. Presently, in the world practice underground reservoirs constructed in rock salt deposits are used for storage of natural gas, oil and petrochemical products, compressed gas (helium, hydrogen, air, etc.)

The article describes the areas of development of multifunctional safety systems for underground coal mines (MFSS). It is noted that according to amendments and addenda to Coal Mine Safety Regulations, MFSS must be in compliance with the national standard establishing general specification requirements to such systems. The analysis is presented of the systems providing communication, warning and positioning of the personnel in mine workings offered by the markets. Some significant shortcomings of the systems of foreign origin are noted. The advantages of the systems with wireless communication are grounded. The author also provides recommendations on their application.

The objective of spoil bank wall and slope planning has always been one of the most important issues for a mine. Therefore, mining regulations prescribe continuous geomechanical monitoring, however, as it is proved by the practice, the failure and falling of pit walls and slopes are often result in fatalities and equipment damage, while traditional methods of pit-wall condition monitoring are not always helpful for timely provision of the information on rock fall risk. The longstanding partnership of VIST Group with a leading radar system manufacturer Reutech Radar Systems, due to the case studies of the Russian mines operating in the most unfavorable natural conditions and climate, has proved the fact that advanced technologies together with the support of experienced Russian engineers propel geomechanical monitoring to new heights.

The article presents the first results of the joint efforts of HoloGroup and MICROMINE Russia on the implementation of the mixed reality technology in the mining industry. The authors describe also the prospects of this technology in the area of geological and mining information systems, dispatch systems and in planning and design of mineral mining and processing complexes.

The article discusses the aspects of the priority development of the transportlogistics infrastructure for the arrangement of multimodal transportation corridors. The authors have studied the best foreign practice of the construction of territory transport networks and propose a strategic scheme for the development of multimodal transportation corridors.

The author proposes the commercialization of high-ash oil-shale deposit development in the Barzassky geological and economic district for the expansion of mineral reserves and resources of the Kuznetsk Coal Basin. Taking into account the resources and infrastructure potential of this district the opportunity seems realistic with the implementation of a comprehensive project aimed at the formation of the industrial cluster based on the production of stone casting and a broad range of products with high added value with the minimized environmental effect and the utmost possible utilization of all useful components of the deposits. Basalts of the Mariinsky section and ash wastes, which are similar to them in terms of composition are melted with the use of stone casting technology. For fuelling it is proposed to use combustible gas and liquid products of oil-shale low-temperature carbonization from Dmitrievskoe deposit produced as secondary products, while ash wastes of oil shales are planned to be used as a raw material in the main process.

The authors analyze the state-of-the art of the mining machinery fleet of operating coal mines in Russia, present the results of the regression analysis of the correlation between the imported equipment operated by coal mines in 2014 and 2015, and their coal output. The relation is shown between the domestically manufactured and imported mining machinery and equipment (MME) in main production processes. The article also contains the forecast of the levels of the Russian coal industry dependence on imports of mining equipment and localization of mining machinery manufacture and development of mining technologies. Measures are proposed on the proactive promotion of import substitution and national manufacture of MME accompanied by the minimization of the Russian coal industry dependence on imports.


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