The authors present the Makmal deposit geological characteristics, physical and mechanical properties of rocks at different depths and the results of research into rock anisotropy

The article describes mathematical modeling of the stress-strained state of the rock mass with the homogeneous structure by method based on the main simulation tool – PLAXIS software. The research performed by the authors has made possible the assessment of the stressed state of the pit-wall rock mass.

The authors discuss the approach to the formation of a sufficient set of industrial safety requirements providing the acceptable level of shaft hoist system safety in operation.

The development of steeply dipping fine veins is a labour-intensive process. Dilution of mined ore in some cases may reach 80% making the ore grade lower and thus decreasing the profitability of production.

The enhancement of mining efficiency in such geological conditions is an important task, and the proposed solution is described as a case study of the Konevinskoe gold deposit, where steepdipping fine vein-type ore bodies are mined in conditions of the cryolithic zone.

The authors focus on the problem of flowsheet development for coal seam winning without permanent presence of the personnel in coal faces and point out the necessity of elaboration of radically new technological concepts.

The existing process flowsheets for hydraulic mining are based on the application of machinery for hydraulic, mechanical-hydraulic and combined mining.

One of the development areas of technologies and mechanization facilities for mining of flat medium thickness seams without permanent presence of the personnel in a coal face is the creation of multi-point attach coal-face systems. The article presents the classification, which shows a great variety of the available options of cutting tools, roof support structures and transport facilities.

The authors propose to use intelligent digital sensors for the estimation of mining machinery parts and units loading in actual operation environment. Sensor setting zones are identified in accordance with the proposed methods and procedures for experimental studies. Based on the generated data it is possible to estimate the effect of control modes on the loading rate and conditions for excavator steel structures.

Availability and relatively low prices of natural gas in Russia in the context of continuously changing diesel motor fuel supply and demand situation, as well as ever growing competition in the world mineral markets, where the Russian products have an important share, lay the greatest emphasis on the task of mine road transport accelerated transition to gas fuel. Natural gas makes steady progress in becoming a promising motor fuel not only for light commercial and general purpose vehicles, but also for mine machinery and equipment, such as, dump trucks, dozers, excavators, crushers, etc.

Geological conditions of different ore mines are rather diverse, in many of them rock have such characteristics that the volume of compressed air supplied from a compressor in the process of drilling is not sufficient for intensive borehole clean-up. For instance, the presence of water with some minerals makes rock viscous and strong.


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