A.A. Tverdov, E.E. Baisarov

The article describes promising technologies and application areas of the novel class of multifunctional slant rigs (MSR) – mobile, self-propelled units, MSR with a variable-speed drive, modular design rigs, those with a luffing mast and a rack-and-pinion surface travel mechanism of a top drive in solid mineral mining. It is noted that MSR provides the perfection of the construction technology for slant-horizontal boreholes (SHB) with great bottom plumb-line deviation, and proved successful in oil and gas production, but insufficiently used in solid mineral mining. However, the following application areas for this technology seem promising: coal deposit gas drainage, mine water drainage and dewatering, underground workings drivage, drilling and blasting processes, borehole in-situ leaching and hydraulic mining, geological exploration, as it significantly saves costs, improves safety and enhances technological efficiency of mining processes.

№3 (133) 2017

Key words: MSR, construction of slant-horizontal boreholes with great bottom plumb-line deviation, drilling processes, gas drainage, mine water drainage, dewatering, ventilation, underground workings drivage, safetyin-mining, geological exploration, output, solid minerals, borehole directed drilling, borehole, shaft, leaching, hydraulic mining

Mining Industry Journal №3 (133) 2017, p.26

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