L.S. Plakitkina, Yu.A. Plakitkin

The article contains the analysis of overall world coal imports (including coking and steam coals) to main regions and countries in the period of 2000–2015 (2016). More detailed analysis is provided of coal imports to China. It is emphasized that coal demand in China dropped in 2015 because of the current lower rates of economic growth, outflow of investments and suspension of construction projects. Coal overabundance in the market, low coal prices and efforts aimed at emission reduction – all these factors thwart any attempts to improve the situation in the future. On a short-term horizon coal imports to China may decline to 150 million tons, while steam and coking coal prices at the Chinese market may lose some 10–15% and 25–35% accordingly. It is hardly possible to expect any significant increase of coal demand in the near future, it is particularly true for coking coal demand. It is explained by lower growth rates of the Chinese economy on the one hand, and by the current crisis of the country’s iron and steel industry on the other hand. In India, which is the world second coal importer, coal supply to the national market has dropped because of the fall of the world market coal prices, unfavorable economic situation in the country and devaluation of the Indian rupee. India will probably cut its coal imports due to the national coal output growth. Nevertheless, according to the estimates of the Indian Government, in 2017 the domestic coal shortage is expected to reach 265 mln t. Therefore, in the years to come India will stay the most promising coal consumer at the Asian market. The authors have also analyzed coal imports to other countries, such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Russia, Thailand and the USA. The statistics is also given on coking and steam coal imports to the main coal-consuming countries.

№3 (133) 2017

Key words: coal imports to main regions and countries of the world in the period of 2000–2015 (2016) including coal imports to China, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Russia, Thailand, USA; coking and steam coal imports to main coal-consuming countries

Mining Industry Journal №3 (133) 2017, p.74

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