N.F. Izmerov, A.G. Chebotarev

The article is timed to the 90-th anniversary of the RAMS Institute of Occupational Health and devoted to the achievements of its research, and objectives of future studies in the area of occupational health in the mining sectors of the former USSR and Russia. The authors describe the role of the Institute in the system formation of the occupational health and safety methods in the mining sector of the economy. The article also contains a list of scientific works and regulatory and procedural documents developed by the Institute. Future research tasks and objectives are discussed in the occupational health and safety area for further improvement of safety of the working environment, and meeting of the health and safety standards at underground mines and open pits.

№2 (108) 2013

Key words: RAMS, Institute of Occupational Health, occupational diseases, difficulty of labor, occupational hazard

Mining Industry Journal №2 2013, p.34

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