V.G. Merzlyakov

Application of high-velocity water-jet energy for rock and hard material cutting (water-jet technologies) has gained acceptance worldwide. The absence of contact between a cutting tool (water jet) and virgin rock, lower metal intensity of mining machinery accompanied by higher power-to-weight ratio due to remote location of power equipment, efficient dust and explosion protection are main advantages of this breaking method. To cut energy intensity and broaden the application of advantageous characteristics of water-jet cutting the research and development work is in progress for the creation of combined (waterjet assisted mechanical cutting) methods and equipment for rock and hard material breaking.

№4 (122) 2015

Key words: water-jet technologies, roadheaders, performance, safety, water!jet assisted mechanical method of rock breaking, energy intensity, dust and explosion protection

Журнал "Горная Промышленность" №4 (122) 2015, стр.81

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