A. Rozhkov, M.K. Anistratov, A.A. Frolov

The article presents a brief historical background of the coal sector restructuring in Russia and its major results. The discussion is focused on the transformation of main social and economic mechanisms of structural reforms at the stage of restructuring, as well as on the probable development of these mechanisms to support towns with the coal sector as a major employer and tax-payer, on the basis of public-private partnership with the establishment of a system of retirement of inefficient and formation of competitive production facilities at the closing stage of restructuring, specifically in the towns of the Kuznetsk Basin (Prokopievsk, Kiselevsk and Anzhero-Sudzhensk).

№5 (123) 2015

Key words: transformation, social and economic mechanisms, structural reforms, coal sector, restructuring, towns with the coal sector as a major employer and tax-payer, public-private partnership, territory of advanced social and economic development.

Mining Industry Journal №5 (123) 2015, p.36

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