Redevelopment, renovation, urban reuse; these are the types of interventions that are helping many construction companies in public and private sector whilst in almost total absence of new built.

These are usually small activities which are ideally suited for construction companies specialized on restructuring and refurbishment sites; in many occasions the total removal of obsolete buildings (without historical or artistic value) requires the involvement of firms with means and equipment that can safely carry out the demolition.
To minimize the demolition impact, both in terms of noise and dust it is possible to opt for a selective demolition technique by mounting on the excavator a grapple MB-G900.MB G900 Komatsu Italy

The grapple MB-G900 weights 780 kg and it is designed by MB Crusher, in Fara Vicentino-Italy, to be mounted on excavators with operating weights between 12 and 18 tons.

It has a capacity of 0.43 cubic meters with closed claws and combines remarkable agility and strong clamping force which allows to easily carry out masonry demolitions; the closing pressure, depending on the settings, can go from 200 to 400 bar (with a flow rate of 30 liters of oil per minute), while the rotation flow is up to 20 liters per minute (from a minimum of eight ).

The MB grapple is extremely responsive and allows a precise selection of materials, while undergoing demolition; the graduality with which it can manage the closing force allows recyclable materials handling such as wood and metal, separating them from those intended for landfill and, at the same time, consent to demolish the masonry parts which will then be transformed into recovered raw materials.

MB-G900 grapple has many design features that enhance performance; the inclined plate connection that considerable increase the range of action of the grapple, the continuous movement at 360 ° allowing the operator to always have the maximum working versatility to do jobs that with other equipment would be simply impossible.

Particularly sturdy (built of Hardox), the MB-G900 claws side supports is heavily reinforced as well as a winning claw shape that allows you to move a lot of material, thanks to the wide claw opening that reaches up to 540 mm.

Upkeeping is very simple, with very well located greasing points. Strength and maintenance allow MB to provide the MB-G900 with an optional 24-month warranty.

Four models, one philosophy
In addition to the MB-G900, MB has three other models of grapples, all with the same design and construction features (Mb does not skimp on steel):
1) The smallest model, the MB-G600 is designed for machines up to 12 tons, essentially mini and midi excavators or backhoes, and has a capacity of 0.29 cubic meters with closed claws;

2) The MB-G1200 comes in a capacity, again with closed claws, of 0.71 cubic meters and is suitable for excavators with operating weights between 18 and 25 tons.

3) Finally, there is the largest model of the range MB, the MB-G1500 with its 2 tons guarantees a capacity of 1.43 cubic meters with closed claws, a closing pressure between 300 and 400 bars and an oil flow rate corresponding to 50 liters per minute.

This latter grapple is marketed by MB for excavators weighting from 20 to 25 tons and, like all other models in the range, it has interchangeable claws, safety valve (which keeps the claws closed in case of oil loss in the circuit), the silent block that completely eliminates the classic (and annoying) clang when the clamps are opened completely and it is also really simple to maintain.