Almost all of KH-KIPPER’s products are made of HARDOX and STRENX steel. This is not a coincidence since both these types of steel ensure resistance and appropriate stiffness of the construction. Using modern steel also involves some technical advantages as it improves material technology and production methods. Why is modern steel worth using in tipping bodies production? The answer to this question is given by the present Vice President and Production Director of KH-KIPPER company, Tomasz Biel.

Designing with the use of HARDOX and STRENX steel allows to optimize the body’s own weight and increase its load capacity. Its resistance enables to use thinner steel and thus, obtain lighter constructions - says Tomasz Biel. The bodies are characterized with lower weight but without deteriorating its efficiency or safety values as well as duration of use. The use of modern materials also has an influence on time saving since the tipper is able to transport the same amount of material in a shorter period of time. In the era of growing transport costs the load capacity of vehicles is crucial – it means lower fuel cost and, in the long term, greater competitiveness of a particular company.

Using modern steel also involves ecological aspects – lower fuel consumption means lower carbon dioxide emission.

One of the lately improved products is the KH-KIPPER’s hook loader. Main support elements of the device are made of SSAB company steel. In a construction where there are a lot of thinner profiles it is required to use material with the best resistance parameters. A lot of elements in this type of devices are exposed to abrasion and modern steel is highly resistant to such wear ensuring safe and long lasting operation - adds Tomasz Biel.

By using elastic properties of HARDOX steel, KH-KIPPER company has also introduced a project of a new mining body. Mining bodies are usually special construction bodies made for exceptionally difficult exploitation conditions. With high fraction material transport they are exposed to constant wear. With the new construction of the body the kinetic energy of the impact is perfectly dissipated even while loading of high fraction stones. Additional reinforcements such as cross profiles are no longer used in KH-KIPPER’s bodies. Less amount or their complete absence means lower own weight of the body as well as less welded connections and therefore, smaller deformations. This, on the other hand, improves quality and lifespan of the product.

Although the STRENX steel has higher resistant parameters in comparison to other commonly used types of steel it is also very tractable. Thanks to this, it enables to design and produce elements with more complicated shapes which are better adjusted for a specific construction – adds the Vice President. For a body producer such as ourselves thinner material means less welding works, less machining and faster production whereas for the final user – cheaper product and shorter delivery period. The welding shop has less work and the steel which is stored in the factory occupies less space. To sum up, the use of high quality materials allows for a constant development of innovative solutions and the customers themselves receive better products in the same price.