deutzDr Helmut Leube – the Chairman of DEUTZ's Board of Management – and Dr Margarete Haase – DEUTZ's Chief Financial Officer (CFO), who has responsibility for finance, human resources, investor relations and public relations – opened today's trading session on the floor of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange by ringing the opening bell to mark the fact that it is exactly 115 years since DEUTZ AG was first listed on this bourse. The sounding of the traditional opening bell at 9am signalled the official start of trading.

"It is a particular honour for us to be able to conduct today's opening bell ceremony to mark our 115th anniversary on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. It was only last year that DEUTZ celebrated the 150 years since its foundation, so this year we are delighted to be able mark a further highlight in the form of this anniversary on the Frankfurt bourse," commented Dr Leube.

Gregor Pottmeyer, CFO of Deutsche Börse AG, added: "DEUTZ AG is a German firm that has a fine tradition going back many years and is widely renowned for its high-quality products. We are delighted to celebrate our longstanding association with this Cologne-based engine manufacturer and wish the company all the best for the future."

The issued capital of DEUTZ AG amounts to approximately €309 million and is divided into 120,861,783 shares. The Company is listed in the Deutsche Börse SDAX seg-ment.