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Mining Industry Journal provides direct open access to its content, based on the following principle: free open access to research results contributes to an increase in global knowledge sharing.

Full-text electronic versions of articles and all other published materials are freely available on the journal’s official website on the Internet ( from the moment the issue is published.

All participants in the process of preparing the manuscript for publication should inform the editorial staff about potential causes for conflict of interest. The authors have the right to specify in the cover letter, the names of those professionals who, in their opinion, it is not necessary to send the manuscript for review in connection with the possible, as a rule, a professional, a conflict of interest.

This information is confidential and is taken into account while organizing the review. The reviewers are obliged to inform the editorial Board about the possibility of a conflict of interest when reviewing and the reasons that may affect their opinion about the manuscript.

They have the right to refuse to review specific articles, if they consider it justified. The editor does not appoint external reviewers if there is a chance of conflict of interest.

Reviewers are notified on the manuscripts being intellectual property of the author(-s) not subjected to disclosure. Reviewers are not allowed to copy manuscripts.


We see our MISSION in consolidating research activities and promoting close cooperation between the researchers and manufacturers in the Mining Sector. We aim to create an open platform to share scientific information and outcomes of basic and applied research done by the leading experts on topical issues of geotechnology, mining and processing equipment, advanced computer systems, environmental sciences and safety of mining operations.

Our primary objective is to provide the academic community with the latest information in the most efficient way as well as to establish a venue for professional communication to a wide range of researchers and manufacturers.

Russian Mining Industry Journal

is a peer-reviewed scientific and technical journal

It is an official information and press organ of the Russian Academy of Mining Sciences and the Supreme Academic Council of the Eurasian Academy of Mining Sciences. The Journal publishes papers that are characterized with scientific novelty and that present results of completed research activities touching upon topical and practical issues. These papers are prepared by researchers, postgraduates and experts in the mining sphere.

ISSN 1609-9192 (print)

ISSN 2587-9138 (online)


The audience of our journal includes specialists of mining operators, machine- building plants, scientific and industry research centers.


Russian Mining Industry Journal is the most popular mining journal in Russia today:

  • it is distributed in Russia, the FSU and other foreign countries;
  • it is also presented at all major national and international mining exhibitions and conferences in Russia and abroad.


  • management of mining operators and specialists of mining engineering companies - 72%;
  • personnel of mining R&D institutes - 12%;
  • specialists of machine- building plants - 7%;
  • others-9%.
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