Article submission and publication procedure

The content of an article should be relevant to the themes of the journal and contain new research results that have never been published or are under consideration for publication elsewhere either in print or electronic media.

An article should be well structured, i.e., it should contain sections with titles briefly and clearly reflecting their content, including the following:

  • Introduction grounding the importance of the issues under consideration, and their brief review;
  • clearly formulated concise summary of the research objectives;
  • description of a method of achieving the research objectives;
  • applied interpretation and illustration of the research results;
  • conclusions including the summary of the research results and description of their application area.

For article publication the following items should be submitted to the Editorial Office

  1. An article manuscript as doc. and PDF files. The article size should not exceed 5 – 7 journal pages, each of 5,000 characters with spaces, and 3 – 4 diagrams. The total scope includes the main text, illustrations, supplements, tables, references. In some cases, the scope of an article may be expanded upon the Editorial Board’s decision.
  2. Tables, illustrations and a list of captions.
  3. The article should always contain an abstract, key words and references.
  4. The authorship of an article should not exceed 4 names. Other authors’ names can be shown in the footnote.
  5. Authors’ details containing a full name, academic degree and rank, position, employer name, telephone number and e-mail

Organization of an article manuscript

Article items should be arranged as follows:

  1. UDC code
  2. Author’s initials and family mane, academic degree, position, employer name
  3. Article title
  4. Abstract
  5. Key words (8 – 10 words)
  6. Main text in compliance with the above requirements to its arrangement
  7. References prepared in the format as per GOST Р 7.0.5-2008

The Editorial Board reserves the right not to send back a rejected manuscript to the author and not to discuss the rejection reasons. The Editorial Board reserves the right to abridge and edit articles, and send them back to the authors for revision
Publication of articles submitted by postgraduate and doctoral students on a first-come, first-served basis is free of charge.

The Editorial Board of the Gornaya Promyshlennost (Mining Industry) Journal on its own provides the English translation of all materials required for publication. The Editorial Board makes available 2 copies of the Journal to the authors.