Advertising in journal «GORNAJA PROMYSHLENNOST»

Prices for advertising space in Gornaya Promyshlennost’ 2017

Advertising space Price, Euro
A4 850
½ A4 450
¼ A4 300
First cover page (№2,3,5,6 it is busy) 1 500
 Two-page spread (2nd page of the cover + 1st page of the Journal)  1 500
The 2nd page of the cover 1 200
The 3rd page of the cover (№2,4 it is busy) 1 000
4th page of the cover (it is busy) 1 400
The 1st page of the Journal 950


Information articles are Euro 300 per page.

If advertising goes on for more than one issue there is a discount:

  • 2% for two issues,
  • 5% for three issues,
  • 7% for four,
  • 10% for five,
  • 15% for six issues.

The discount to place adv. in cover pages – 10%.

Technical specifications of submitted advertising materials to the Mining Industry Journal

Page size

210x297 mm (bleed-off), 216x303 mm (non-bleed page).

Page model

Materials should be prepared for printing in QuarkXPress 5.0 or later.

  • Fonts should be placed in a separate folder "Fonts";
  • Illustration files in TIFF, EPS (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator); color mode is CMYK

Logos and graphics

EPS (Adobe Illustrator 8.0 or later); CMYK color mode; text, created in outlines; Adobe Illustrator images should not include Adobe Photoshop objects.

Illustrations and images

  • TIFF or JPEG with Maximum quality;
  • All images should be sourse space color mode;
  • Resolution 300 dpi for Half-tone images;
  • Resolution 600 dpi for Bitmap illustrations;
  • Image size 100%.

Sizes of advertising modules and image advertisements

1/4 vertical only – 88x127 mm (249x360 pt)

1/2 horizontal – 180x127 mm (510x360 pt);

1/2 vertical – 88x260 mm (249x736 pt);

1/1 210x290 mm (596x842 pt) bleed-off,

216x303 mm (612x859 pt) non-bleed page.

  • TIFF, EPS (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator); color mode is CMYK;
  • All objects should be given as separate files;
  • Resolution 300 dpi; separation type GCR; Dot Gain 16%; total ink limit 320%; UCA amount 5%;
  • Image size 100% (+5 mm for bleed, if it is necessary);
  • Clipping path (if there is a contour);
  • TIFF LZW and JPEG is not allowed.

Files formated in CorelDraw are not accepted Control printing is necessary (for colored advertisement – colored) actual scale M 1:1


Flash Memory Drive; CD-ROM for PC or by e-mail.