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Deadline for submitting materials 01.08.2017

Participation in international exhibitions and conferences

  • 20.09– 22.09 MiningWorld Central Asia–2017, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • 08.09– 11.09 KATOWICE–2017, Poland
  • October, Minex Forum-2017, Russia, Moscow
  • October, Specialized Exhibition of modern technologies, equipment and machinery for the extraction and enrichment of ores and mineral Russia, Perm
  • October, International Exhibition for Pumps, Compressors, Valves, Actuators and Engines, Moscow
  • October , International specialized exhibition «Karelian stone -2017, Russia, Petrozavodsk
  • November, Mineral Resources 0f Yakutia–2017, Russia, Yakutsk
  • Other Exhibitions and Conferences of the September-November of 2017