From digitalization to Industry-4.0 and Society 5.0: opportunities of the Russian coal sector adaptation; forecast of the sector development for the period up to 2040
DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-5-141-56-61

The authors analyze the industrial revolutions – from Society 1.0 to Society 5.0. Today, the Society 4.0 Project implementation is under way; it covers the period of mass computerization and technology development, as well as optimization of the average resources consumption per capita. Moreover, the advanced economies of the world go ahead with the development and implementation of the Society 5.0 conception, which means breaking of digital technologies into nearly all spheres of our life. The article discusses promising technologies and areas spurring the implementation of the Industry-4.0 Program in the Russian coal sector, as well as the classification of the main elements of the Industry-4.0 Program for basic processes of mining supplemented with two important areas: Safety-in-Operation and Manufacture of Novel Mining and Transport Machinery with the Use of Digitalization Elements. Actual case studies of the Industry-4.0 Project elements implementation in the RF coal sector by mining area. The article also contains a forecast of the main performance and economic indices of the Russian coal sector development for the period up to 2040 in conditions of the Industry-4.0 Program implementation, including such indices as coal output and exports, number of production personnel on mine books, and output per man in the sector.

On the development of robotized geotechnologies of detonation systems formation for the improvement of safety and efficiency of blasting processes
DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-5-141-62-64

The article discusses some aspects of the scientific rationale of novel explosives fabrication technologies based on the use of fuel mixture emulsions forming pores and channels and saturating granulated ammonium nitrate (AN). The authors present the results of research into the kinetics and alteration of the AN structure under the effect of micro- and nano-dispersion emulsions, and AN granule strength reduction due to absorption in the presence of surfactants, thus determining the Rebinder effect. The article also discusses the advantages of convergent robotized technologies and novel mechanization facilities for the formation of detonation systems to enhance safety and efficiency of blasting processes in mineral deposit mining.

Innovations in diamond mine planning in a permafrost zone
DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-5-141-66-69

The article discusses some aspects of the perfection of diamond mine planning from the today’s standpoint, main areas of development of diamond surface mining technologies and a case study of the elaboration of the RF Standard «Diamond mine planning in a permafrost zone. Planning and design requirements».

Advancing roof support of simple design as a basis of the mechanized technology of kimberlite underground mining with bulk backbilling
DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-5-141-70-71

Today, the diamond mining sector, both in Russia and worldwide faces a number of problems, which are the consequences of longyear deposit development and ever growing requirements to environmental safety. The problem of resource shortage is also ever growing. Nearly all kimberlite pipes with high diamond concentrations have been depleted already by the surface mining method, which is the most efficient and cost-effective technique. Underground mining of the remaining reserves of rich pipes can be profitable so far, while pipes with by far lower diamond concentrations are loss-making for underground mining. It is particularly true for diamond deposits of Yakutia, where due to unfavorable geological conditions and climate operators have to use underground mining methods with consolidating stowing.

Theory of coal-bed electron-wave physics
DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-5-141-86-89

The article deals with the problems of coal-bed methane safety in coal mining operations. The authors present the analysis of methods of research into the objective laws governing the genesis of car boniferous formations. The description is provided of geological peculiarities of brittle coal ply formation, and assumptions concerning the initiation of methane sudden outbursts. The authors propose a theory of coal-bed electron-wave physics, which is a research area of quantum mechanics. The theory views the intrinsic energy of material atoms as a source of thermal energy in the implementation of all physical and chemical processes of peat accumulation, carbonification and coal-bed metamorphism. The formation of methane content, sudden outbursts of methane are considered as individual processes of the formation and development of coal seams.

Application of CAE Fidesys in the solution of geomechanical tasks
DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-5-141-90-92

The article describes the solution of the scientific and practical task of calculating and developing the parameters of fixing for the workings and chambers of the deep horizons of the copper-pyrite deposit. Geomechanical conditions of the deposit exceed the limits of the normative documentation of the Russian Federation. The exceeding value of the horizontal stress components over the gravitational vertical ones did not allow to apply the normative methodology for calculating of the supports of mine workings. An integrated approach using various scientific methods has made it possible to solve this problem. Methods of analytical calculations were used to determine the stress field vertical component parameters and the overall parameters of mine workings fastening. The CAE Fidesys software complex was used to calculate a limit state design zone around the workings with various shapes and sizes. The rating approach to the problem of strength and fracture of the massif allowed to generalize rock characteristics used for calculations and to unify the final results. Analysis of existing experiences of the support usage at the mine has made it possible to select the optimal type of the support for the calculated conditions. The calculation through the finite element method was carried out in two stages. This allowed us to reduce slightly the nomenclature of the sections used for calculations. The use of the scripting language built into CAE Fidesys allowed to calculate and process more than two hundred and fifty different combination variants of the shape and dimensions of the workings, of the type and characteristics of the rock massif and of the estimated depth of the workings. This flexible approach allowed to solve the task within a short time and with the minimal participation of specialists.

Ecology in the human conscience
DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-5-141-94-97

The authors discuss the key tasks of ecological upbringing and thinking in the conscience of the modern human. The current ecological education, nurturing of personal culture are important components in the solution of the problems of sustainable development along with the scientific research into the necessary measures and their technological support. The formation of the system thinking of the young generation through the awareness of the human interaction with the habitat is the most important ecological aspect. It is imperative to form a system of cognitive noospheric thinking with the use of the available advanced instructional technique. The general solution bumps into a psychological barrier, which can be surmounted via ecological education, upbringing and knowledge, as well as culture and science, which are most closely interconnected in this aspect. The laws of nature cannot be written out of one’s own head. One can only study and accept them coordinating all the actions in compliance with these laws.

Field geological training as an element of communication in the area of nature management
DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-5-141-98-102
УДК: 374.71

The article presents a case study of field geological training for schoolchildren within the framework of occupational guidance programs implemented on the basis of the Interuniversity Academic Center of Mining and Geological Profession Navigation of the RAS State Geological Museum with the support of the Academy of Mining Sciences. Field training is aimed at the formation of the schoolchildren’s interest to mining and geological professions and research areas. In the practical aspect it enables children to make their own collections of rocks, minerals and fossils; to learn how to make records in a consistent manner and to collect samples and materials, and to develop skills of working in field conditions, to choose their research areas for the future. Another important aspect of the described measures is the development of the general scope of interests of the young people providing them with the knowledge on the history and culture of the attended regions

Finite-element modeling-based geotechnological grounding of the development of mineral deposits confined to tectonic faults
DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-5-141-107-110

The article describes the solution of the applied research task of finiteelement modeling-based geotechnological grounding of the development of mineral deposits confined to tectonic faults. Based on the modeling with the CAE Fidesys software suite the authors have performed calculations for the identification of safe points of mine take access and development, and direction of the working face front advance, with due account for tectonic faults; as well as estimation of the necessity of the creation of protected zones, and their respective patterns, parameters and methods; elaboration of interim recommendations on the order of development of contiguous ore bodies in vertical and horizontal planes; estimation of the feasibility of slicing and room-and-pillar methods with backfilling for the development of the deposit site under consideration. For the analysis of the rock mass stress-strain behavior (SSB) the authors have used the finite-element method (FEM), because it is widely recognized as a reliable and reasonable tool for modeling of such tasks. Calculations have been performed for elastic-plastic deformation conditions based on the Drucker–Prager (DP) plasticity model with hardening. The finite-element modeling with the CAE Fidesys software suite is actually an efficient tool for the assessment of stresses and strains, which may occur in deep mine workings.

Rock strength equivalent index
DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-5-141-112-115
УДК: 622.023: 622.026

The authors have performed the analysis of the available indices characterizing a set of rock properties and behavior expressed in terms of the degree and nature of fracturing. The indices applicability has been estimated for only some particular rocks. A method for the integral criterion is proposed, which characterizes the total complexity of rock breakage along the total length of a mine working, its section or a mine. The authors propose an index of rock strength equivalent characterizing the average strength of rock, with due account for individual rock behavior in different sections of an underground working.