When creating underground reservoirs, a large number of insoluble inclusions in the rock salt reservoir in the process of construction, the lower part of the production-capacitance leads to loss of the working interval

The article contains the analysis of an angle of repose, angle of reposeto angle of internal friction ratio of bulk materials. The author presents the results of research into the particle size distribution dependence of an angle of repose. Tests have been performed with crushed stone produced in the quarry of the Medvezhyi Ruchei ore mine and with copper-nickel ore from the Oktyabrskiy ore mine of the Norilsk industrial area.

The article discusses the aspects of designing of road-construction and mining machinery and equipment and the respective mathematical modeling. It covers the aspects of mathematical model application. The author presents the analysis of the simulation experiment (forecast) and natural (physical) experiment and compares their advantages and shortcomings. The description is given of the experiment design and experimentation methods, as well as processing of its results. The author also shows the opportunity of the application of the simulation experiment results for the development of a mathematical model. The concept of optimization problems and optimality criteria is given

The analysis of the national and foreign practices of the development of large mineral deposits shows that monitoring is an inseparable constituent of modern mining. Moreover, in the future the importance of routine monitoring will be on the rise due to the growing complication of geological conditions and lack of accurate models of the rock mass behavior. Hydrogeomechanical monitoring of slope structures makes possible the implementation of engineering-geological and geomechanical modeling of slope structures and operational evaluation of their state with due regard to the variation of natural and industry-related factors to meet the requirements of industrial and environmental safety.

The article is a contribution to the series of publications on the development of the Irtysh mining and transport machinery automatic operational dispatch management integrated system (MTM AODMS), which was originally made for the Vostochny opencast coal mine (Ekibastuz area, Republic of Kazakhstan). The author describes the philosophy and peculiarities of the development of modern automatic control systems for opencast mines and main approaches to the implementation of railway and road transport machinery automatic operational dispatch management for the performance of tasks of mined material transportation as a case study of the integrated system covering all the main processes of a mine. The article is addressed to managers and engineers of the mining sector enterprises, railways transport and electric power industry.

Hydrocarbon fields in the Arctic Region have been known for long, however, only recent years have launched their development. The access to these fields is provided by the Northern Sea Route, which connects also the countries of Europe and the European Russia with the Far East and markets of Asia. One of the most important areas of the government support for the regions of the North is the restructuring of the existing organizational and financial mechanisms of the so-called “Severny Zavoz” (delivery of necessary resources to the Northern Territories of Russia required for the vital activities of the population and functioning of the economic assets). Among the factors responsible for the discomfort of living of the population in the North one of the most important roles belong to the accessibility by transport and development of the territory. A packaged approach is required for the application of new methods and technologies for the Far North territory development.

As a perfection general area of the methodological basis of underground coal mines georesources potential development the author presents the structure of the industry unified computer-aided planning system with the target oriented levels of the formation of the integrated geoinformation base, mine planning automation and mining process management

The article describes the methodology of object-oriented information technologies for the modeling of dynamic processes in the computeraided deep iron-ore open pit planning and iterative-incremental approach.

Rare earth elements are in high demand for technological developments and their resources need to be secure for future advancement. Today China controls not only the raw materials but also the production of key intermediates that go into many hi-tech growth industries. Rare earth shortages and price increase may affect many sectors of advanced economy. This include not only large economic value adding civilian industries but also many defense products and technologies.

The article deals with the problems of safety in mine workings. The analysis is provided of the existing methods intended for the prevention and isolation of explosions of combustible medium with methane and coal dust. It is proved that the design parameters are not scientifically grounded. The research methodology takes into account the macromolecular structure of combustible substances. Energy characteristics have been estimated with the use of the molecular-kinetic theory. For the calculation of endothermic and exothermic reactions use has been made of the chemical structural method. The rationale is provided for the mechanism of chemical reactions during inflammation and explosion.