E.L. Varfolomeev, I.L. Borisov, A.Yu. Mikhailov

The authors present their estimates of the economic efficiency of implementation of new requirements to access and development of coal seams liable to spontaneous combustion. According to the Federal Industrial Safety Standards and Regulations, which came into force on 18 May, 2014, the access and development of coal seams liable to spontaneous combustion must be provided only through underground workings driven in stone. Capital costs, output per man and payback period have been calculated as a case study of the Uvalny 14 district planned for development in the Tersinky geological and economic region. The mine performance and economics prove the fact that the deposit access and development by workings drivage in stone is economically feasible even assuming that the mine construction period is longer than in case of access and development through inseam workings.

№1 (125) 2016

Key words: Safety rules, economics, output per man, production costs, payback, Tersinsky region, coal seam, access, development, in'stone workings

Mining Industry Journal №1 (125) 2016, p.54

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