G.P. Lopukhov, M.V. Pavlenko, A.N. Salnikov

Currently, in rock strata modeling great attention is attached to its block structure, which is documented in Academician M.A. Sadovsky’s studies. Rock strata is understood as a system of blocks having the following characteristic feature: the system of blocks is a hierarchical selfsimilar structure. The block greatest to smallest size ratio ranges from 2 to 5. The authors’ analysis of the core material sampled from the interval belonging to the carboniferous system in the process of borehole 2035 drilling has proved the ratio narrower range of 3 to 3.08.

№4 (128) 2016

Key words: rock, core sample, block structure, carboniferous system

Mining Industry Journal №4 (128) 2016, p.68

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