Development and research into hydraulic drive with multiplying and reduction gears for machinery and mechanisms

S.S. Pilipenko, M.R. Baiguzin, A.P. Potapenkov, M.A. Perepelkin

Presently, a simple-design drive with constant-flow pumps is broadly used in machinery manufacture and metallurgy. For the enhancement of its performance a simple-design pump drive is made as a multiplying and reduction gear type. Such drive provides pump uniform load, lower operation pressure of pumps, and as a result, lower installed power of drive engines. In case of two-cylinder drive application it is necessary to provide synchronized operation of two cylinders of the power unit. The desired effect can be provided by the application of modular-type multiplyingreduction gears in the drive control systems, which perform the functions of reduction gears at no load, while in the operating cycle they perform as multiplying gears. The article describes two-speed and threespeed pump drives with reduction and multiplying gears, with modulartype dispensers functioning as hydraulic reduction gear at no load and as hydraulic multiplying gear in the operation cycle.

№1 (125) 2016

Key words: pump, hydraulic drive, multiplying gear, reduction gear, modular'type dispenser, intensifier ratio

Mining Industry Journal №1 (125) 2016, p.66