Mine personnel work environment and occupational morbidity forecasting

A. F. Chebotarev

The article presents the estimates of work environment at ore underground mines and open pits as a result of long-term hygienic studies. The estimates are given of unfavorable production factors, and categories of work environment for main mining jobs are described. It is proved that in underground mining processes 82.3 per cent of work places belong to the 3rd category in terms of health hazard. In open pits this category accounts for 56.2 per cent of work places. Mine personnel occupation morbidity trends in 2006–2015 are described. The estimates are also given of its growth rates and structure. Occupational morbidity of mine underground personnel is 3–4 times higher than that of ore open pit workers. Severe work environment at mines determines occupational morbidity rates, their growth of the recent years and the expected future growth.

№3 (127) 2016

Key words: ore mines, work environment, occupational morbidity, forecast.

Mining Industry Journal №3 (127) 2016, p.54