MOAZ-7505 series off-road dump trucks

S.N. Semko, E.A. Matsukov

Mogilev Automobile Plant named after S.M. Kirov (MOAZ) is a subsidiary of BELAZ OAO, which is the BelAZ-Holding managing company. Over more than 30 years it has been known as a manufacturer of off-road dump trucks, road-construction machinery and underground mineral mining and transportation equipment and machinery. In 1987 the plant launched the manufacture of the MOAZ-7505 series of offroad dump trucks, a 23-t MOAZ-75051 truck was one of the first models of this series. The dump truck demonstrated good performance in unfavorable conditions of Western Siberia and the Far East. The main customers were gas and oil industries of the Russian Federation. In 2002, the MOAZ-75051 model was replaced with MOAZ-75054 dump truck, which was designed with due account for the great operation history of the previous generation of dump trucks. As a total, 1700 this model dump trucks have been manufactured. In 2015, a novel MOAZ75050 model was developed and the prototype dump truck was manufactured. The article describes design and operation features of the MOAZ-75050 dump truck and presents its specifications.

№4 (128) 2016

Key words: OAO BELAZ products, MOAZ dump trucks, all.wheel drive dump truck

Mining Industry Journal №4 (128) 2016, p.20