Promising transportation systems for the development of Arctic and Northern territories of the Russian Federation

V.N. Zakharov, I.V. Zyryanov, M.L. Khazin, V.I. Galkin, E.E. Sheshko, D.V. Pastikhin, P.I. Tarasov

The development of Northern and Arctic territories of the Russian Federation is driven by the need of mining of a great variety of highvalue minerals, which have a strategic importance for the country’s economy. The development of largest kimberlite fields and gold deposits continuously advancing further to the North, up to the Arctic Ocean, requires the construction of access roads, which may become the basis of the future transportation corridor to West Yakutia. The idea of transportation corridor construction will be implemented and materialized due to the application of transportation facilities offering an opportunity of accelerated development of the Arctic Region on the continent side.

№4 (128) 2016

Key words: Northern and Arctic territories of the Russian Federation, trans. portation systems, access road construction, railway line, minerals, mining, discussion, round.table discussion.

Mining Industry Journal №4 (128) 2016, p.52