Long-haul tractor-trailer caravans as new transport vehicles for the efficient development of kimberlite fields in Yakutia

P.I. Tarasov, I.V. Zyryanov, A.P. Kondratyuk, M.L. Khazin

The authors discuss the advantages of polyarticular long-haul tractortrailer caravans and present their conclusions on the efficiency of their application in the development of low-grade ore deposits in Yakutia. The article contains the rationale of technological and economic feasibility of “light-type” railway construction for the formation of an allyearround operable transportation corridor. The authors prove the feasibility of the “corridor” formation for the establishment of continuous freight traffic to the Northern Sea Route and eastern regions of Russia, as well as to the neighbor Central Asia countries. The article also presents the results of experimental use of Scania and Volvo tractortrailer-based caravans for low-grade diamond ore long-distance transportation.

№5 (129) 2016

Key words: diamond fields of Yakutia, low grade diamonds, mine and trunk road transport, heavy long haul tractor trailer caravans, Siberia North Sea Route transportation corridor, “light type” railways.

Mining Industry Journal №5 (129) 2016, p.45