Parameters of a mine fleet remote control system in conditions of the Udachny Mining & Processing Division

I.V. Zyryanov, D.Kh. Ilbuldin, A.P. Kondratyuk

The authors present the rationale for the selection and application of a remote control system in mining and hauling processes. To get a deeper insight into the capabilities of a remote control system (RCS) with dump truck and loading equipment in real climate and geological conditions of the Western Yakutia the AK ALROSA (PAO) Managers have taken a decision on the application of this technology in conditions of the Udachny Mine. The risk of pit wall failure and caving in the process of mining at lower horizons has served the main reason for the selection and application of this novel technology. The YakutNIIpromalmaz Institute has performed a comparative analysis of CAT-993K loader and CAT-740B dump truck normal operation: with manual control by loader and dump-truck operators, with remote control by the mine fleet RCS operator. The analysis results would serve a basis for the forecast of mining and hauling operations with the application of the new control system.

№5 (129) 2016

Key words: dump truck, loader, remote control system, travelling speed, nor mal operation control, timekeeping, correction factors.

Mining Industry Journal №5 (129) 2016, p.49