Methodological approach to the assessment of technolog-Erelated aerosol pollution by data of satellite observations: case study of the mineral mining and processing complex in the Murmansk Oblast

S.P. Mesyats, S.P. Ostapenko, A.V. Zorin

The authors have performed a research into technology-related pollution over the territory of the Murmansk Oblast based on the data of satellite observations. It is proposed to characterize pollution sources by the area of aerosol effect and specific load. It has been found that the highest total specific load is characteristic of the central mining region due to overlapping of the aerosol effect of mines and processing facilities. The pollution estimates are in good agreement with the results of ground measurements of technology-related soil contamination.

№6 (130) 2016

Key words: atmosphere, mine, technology-related aerosol pollution, data of satellite observations and land measurements.

Mining Industry Journal №6 (130) 2016, p.69