Estimating the mining conditions of the Elga coal deposit with the view of the KSMEtype surface miner application

D.V. Khosoev

Based on the analysis of structural characteristics, coal seam and interbedding thickness and occurrence of the Elga coal deposit, as well as virgin rock strength prosperities the author proves the feasibility of the KSM-type surface miner application. The estimates are provided of the area of different rock type sections by depth and strike, and rock volume of interbeddings. It is also proved that selective mining of a structurally complex coal seam with the use of surface miners is the most reasonable technology providing the enhancement of coal qualitative characteristics.

№6 (130) 2016

Key words: surface miner, coal deposit, interbedding, thickness, seam, performance, strength, structure, technology, section

Mining Industry Journal №6 (130) 2016, p.81