Natural gas application as a motor fuel for machinery and equipment in the mining industry

P.I. Tarasov, M.L. Khazin, V.V. Furzikov

Availability and relatively low prices of natural gas in Russia in the context of continuously changing diesel motor fuel supply and demand situation, as well as ever growing competition in the world mineral markets, where the Russian products have an important share, lay the greatest emphasis on the task of mine road transport accelerated transition to gas fuel. Natural gas makes steady progress in becoming a promising motor fuel not only for light commercial and general purpose vehicles, but also for mine machinery and equipment, such as, dump trucks, dozers, excavators, crushers, etc. As early as today, mining companies are to make a transition of their machinery fleets to gas motor fuel, and thus take an important step towards the development of the infrastructure for servicing this machinery.

№1 (131) 2017

Key words: natural gas, mine road transport, surface mining operations, gas motor fuel, ecology.

Mining Industry Journal №1 (131) 2017, p.66