Comprehensive development of mineral deposits in the Barzassky geological and economic district

M.V. Pissarenko, Yu. F. Patrakov

The author proposes the commercialization of high-ash oil-shale deposit development in the Barzassky geological and economic district for the expansion of mineral reserves and resources of the Kuznetsk Coal Basin. Taking into account the resources and infrastructure potential of this district the opportunity seems realistic with the implementation of a comprehensive project aimed at the formation of the industrial cluster based on the production of stone casting and a broad range of products with high added value with the minimized environmental effect and the utmost possible utilization of all useful components of the deposits. Basalts of the Mariinsky section and ash wastes, which are similar to them in terms of composition are melted with the use of stone casting technology. For fuelling it is proposed to use combustible gas and liquid products of oil-shale low-temperature carbonization from Dmitrievskoe deposit produced as secondary products, while ash wastes of oil shales are planned to be used as a raw material in the main process.

№2 (132) 2017

Key words: Barzassky geological and economic district, stone casting, oil shales, combustible gas, basalt

Mining Industry Journal №2 (132) 2017, p.31