Development and commissioning of a modern MOK-1-592 kiln at Mikhailovsky GOK PAO

A.V. Varichev, A.A. Ugarov, N.T. Efendiev, S.I. Kretov, A.V. Kozub, P.V. Puzakov, A.A. Solodukhin, A.A. Lavrinenko, A.L. Kuznetsov, V.V. Bragin, A.I. Gruzdev

The article describes the main aspects of the development and commissioning of a modern MOK-1-529 kiln at the pelletizing plant of the Mikhailovsky GOK PAO. The authors discuss scientifically grounded approaches and solutions for the development of technological and technical solutions providing the development of an innovative highly efficient kiln and technology of iron-ore pellet production.

№3 (133) 2017

Key words: Mikhailovsky GOK PAO, MGOK, NPVP TOREKS OOO, pelletizing plant, iron-ore pellets, MOK-1-529 kiln, energy efficiency

Mining Industry Journal №3 (133) 2017, p.16