Scientific and technical aspects of the updating of management arrangements in surface mining in case of robotized open-pit machinery application

K.N. Trubetskoy, M.V. Rylnikova, D.A. Klebanov, M.A. Makeev

The article describes the approach in the development of the Intelligent Mine System and updating of management arrangements in surface mining in case of robotized open-pit machinery application. For the application of a robotized haulage system it is important to arrange a sequence of organizational measures of mining and transport machinery fleet management, including:

1. Implementation of the modern KARIER Mine Fleet Management System providing full availability control of the total transport machinery fleet for optimal routes and operation modes;

2. Regulation of the responsibility for operability of the system technology infrastructure, namely, communications, navigation, traffic and machinery operation safety;

3. Assignment of the zone of mining operations for planned application of robotized machinery;

4. Arrangement of the technology infrastructure for the Intelligent Mine System;

5. Purchase/operating contract of robotized machinery. With this sequence of steps in implementation of a robotized system of haulage the responsibility for machinery supply is transferred from a manufacturer to the Intelligent Mine System developer.

This company actually becomes a mined material haulage subcontractor with the responsibility for t-km and compliance with the declared machinery utilization factor, and availability factor of the whole Intelligent Mine system. In this context it is important to emphasize the importance of deeper involvement of mining companies, research establishments, surface mining machinery manufacturers and engineering companies, which are the developers of robotized haulage systems, in the discussion and approval of the philosophy of operation and responsibility for the availability of such systems to avoid unaddressed management issues when the technology implementation is in its active phase.

Key words: Intelligent Mine, robotized haulage line, dispatching, mine fleet management system, remote control, robots, maintenance and repair, risks in robotized transport application, road transport, BELAZ, digital mine, mining machinery performance optimization.

Mining Industry Journal №5 (135) 2017, p.27