Organization monitoring of deformations of earth’s surface on the Uzelginsky and the Talganskoe ore deposits

A.A. Panzhin, A.D. Sashourin, N.A. Panzhina, E.Y. Efremov

The method of instrumental geodynamic monitoring displacement of earth surface on Uzelginsky and Talganskoe ore deposits and the results of determination of deformation in the vertical and horizontal planes are presented. The spatial coordinates of a framework and geodynamic network stations were re-observed using a method of satellite geodesy. The parameters of the trend of modern geodynamic movements caused by the formation of the basin subsidence were determined. The vectors of movements of the marks of the observation station were identified as the result of estimate of geodynamic activity, the graphs of the stressstrain deformation and shear deformation, the discrete mosaic pattern of deformation of the rock mass were identified. The assumptions about future course of the earth’s surface deformation of the examined area are presented.

Keywords: modern geodynamics, surface displacements, stress-deformed state, instrumental monitoring, observation station, geodynamic polygon, surveying measurements.

Mining Industry Journal №5 (135) 2017, p.48