Environmental problems of the present

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-2-138-75-78

A.V. Titova, G.B. Naumov

The analysis of a condition of the surrounding environment in areas of placement of large mining complexes of Russia which include mining, concentrating, metallurgical and power productions has shown that possibilities of steady functioning of natural ecosystems in the conditions of long-term intensive anthropogenic loadings, including technogenic, are insufficiently studied and much more surpass limits which are defined by the existing influence levels. Examples of noosphere approach to the solution of the ecological tasks connected with the mining enterprises are reviewed.

Key words: environmental problems, information, evolution of the biosphere, geogene and technogenic situations, noosphere concept of V.I.Vernadsky

Mining Industry Journal №2 (138) 2018, p.75