Current trends of the national mining machinery manufacture development

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-3-139-50-53

A.N. Zemskov, A.V. Ivanov

The prime and rather deplorable result of the activity of Russian mining machinery manufacturers in the recent fifteen years: the expected technological breakthrough has failed. It can be explained by several causes: the world economic crisis and unfavorable international political situation, as well as the practice of purchasing equipment from foreign manufacturers still maintained by many of large mining companies. The manufacture of modern high-performance mining machinery determines the technological progress in the mining industry of the country. Improvement of their quality, reliability and service life is a guarantee of their competitiveness at the international level. An important aspect of modern mining machinery manufacture is its package supply, which means the tradeoff of separate elements (devices) of the process chain: provision of engineering services, availability of replacement parts, equipment upgrading, going through approval procedures and getting permits for equipment commissioning and operation.

Key words: mining machinery manufacture, quality, technological progress, competitiveness, modern mining machinery

Mining Industry Journal №3 (139) 2018, p.50