The role and importance of the Coal Institute of the Federal Research Center of Coal and Coal Chemistry, SB RAS for the scientific support for the Kuznetsk Basin

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-4-140-80-86

V.I. Klishin

The article discusses the development of novel geotechnologies and coalface systems with powered roof support providing the regulated area top coal caving for thick flat and inclined coal seams. The newly-developed methods and equipment for coal seam gas content assessment in underground conditions are listed, which are helpful for decision-making on gas drainage measures, as well as methods and equipment for intensification of in-seam gas drainage and utilization of coalbed methane. The description is provided of newly-developed software suites for modeling of emergency situations in underground coal mines. The article also contains a brief description of methods and procedures of diagnostics technologies for potentially dangerous equipment, test programs and restoration of the overhaul period of equipment and tools. The overview of studies aimed at the development of energy-efficient industrial heat exchangers is given

Key words: novel geotechnologies, powered roof support, regulated top coal caving, coal seam gas content assessment, coalbed methane drainage and utilization, equipment diagnostics and restoration of the overhaul period

Mining Industry Journal №4 (140) 2018, p.