Rock strength equivalent index

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-5-141-112-115
УДК: 622.023: 622.026

A.B. Zhabin, E.A. Averin, A.V. Polyakov

The authors have performed the analysis of the available indices characterizing a set of rock properties and behavior expressed in terms of the degree and nature of fracturing. The indices applicability has been estimated for only some particular rocks. A method for the integral criterion is proposed, which characterizes the total complexity of rock breakage along the total length of a mine working, its section or a mine. The authors propose an index of rock strength equivalent characterizing the average strength of rock, with due account for individual rock behavior in different sections of an underground working.

Key words: strength equivalent, integral criterion, project complexity, fracturing, rock, complex index

Mining Industry Journal №5 (141) 2018, p.112