Application of CAE Fidesys in the solution of geomechanical tasks

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-5-141-90-92

M.A. Sonnov, D.A. Kotikov, A.D. Kuranov

The article describes the solution of the scientific and practical task of calculating and developing the parameters of fixing for the workings and chambers of the deep horizons of the copper-pyrite deposit. Geomechanical conditions of the deposit exceed the limits of the normative documentation of the Russian Federation. The exceeding value of the horizontal stress components over the gravitational vertical ones did not allow to apply the normative methodology for calculating of the supports of mine workings. An integrated approach using various scientific methods has made it possible to solve this problem. Methods of analytical calculations were used to determine the stress field vertical component parameters and the overall parameters of mine workings fastening. The CAE Fidesys software complex was used to calculate a limit state design zone around the workings with various shapes and sizes. The rating approach to the problem of strength and fracture of the massif allowed to generalize rock characteristics used for calculations and to unify the final results. Analysis of existing experiences of the support usage at the mine has made it possible to select the optimal type of the support for the calculated conditions. The calculation through the finite element method was carried out in two stages. This allowed us to reduce slightly the nomenclature of the sections used for calculations. The use of the scripting language built into CAE Fidesys allowed to calculate and process more than two hundred and fifty different combination variants of the shape and dimensions of the workings, of the type and characteristics of the rock massif and of the estimated depth of the workings. This flexible approach allowed to solve the task within a short time and with the minimal participation of specialists.

Key words: geomechanics, stresses, numerical simulation, CAE Fidesys, workings, rock, support

Mining Industry Journal №5 (141) 2018, p. 90