On the development of robotized geotechnologies of detonation systems formation for the improvement of safety and efficiency of blasting processes

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-5-141-62-64

K.N. Trubetskoy, N.N. Efremovtsev

The article discusses some aspects of the scientific rationale of novel explosives fabrication technologies based on the use of fuel mixture emulsions forming pores and channels and saturating granulated ammonium nitrate (AN). The authors present the results of research into the kinetics and alteration of the AN structure under the effect of micro- and nano-dispersion emulsions, and AN granule strength reduction due to absorption in the presence of surfactants, thus determining the Rebinder effect. The article also discusses the advantages of convergent robotized technologies and novel mechanization facilities for the formation of detonation systems to enhance safety and efficiency of blasting processes in mineral deposit mining.

Key words: commercial explosives, ammonium nitrate granule strength reduction due to absorption, new compositions and technologies of fabrication with the use of micro- and nano-dispersion saturating fuel mixtures, technologies and mechanization facilities for in-process control of explosive characteristics, development and application of convergent robotized technologies

Mining Industry Journal №5 (141) 2018, p.62