Assessment of the efficiency of Wirtgen surface miners operation at Elga hard coal deposit

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-6-142-77-79
УДК: 622.232.72(571.56)

S.A. Ermakov, A.P. Il, D.V. Khosoev

The authors have performed the assessment of the efficiency of Wirtgen 4200SM operation with due account for geological conditions of Elga coal deposits. The article presents the results of Wirtgen 4200SM performance and economics assessment. It has been found that the average capacity of Wirtgen 4200SM in overburden rock is 4.4- and 2-fold lower than that of PC-5500 and ESh 20/90 excavators accordingly, while, on the contrary, in coal its capacity is 2.2- and 3.2-fold higher than that of PC-2000 and PC1250 hydraulic excavators respectively. In the course of the studies it has been found that application of Wirtgen 4200SM in selective mining of Elga deposit coal seams of a complicated structure will significantly reduce production costs and improve the quality of coal output.

Key words: coal seams, dilution, overburden rock, selective mining, performance, ash content, surface miners, production costs

Mining Industry Journal №6 (142) 2018, p. 77