Case studies of porous ammonium nitrate application for production of emulsion explosives at Kovdorskiy GOK

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-6-142-52-54
УДК: 622.235

F.I. Galushko

The article presents the results of Emulit VET emulsion explosives application in conditions of Kovdorskiy GOK AO. For the production of these explosives use is made of ammonium nitrate supplied by Novomoskovskiy Azot. The author describes practical advantages of porous ammonium nitrate application from the viewpoint of economic feasibility, as well as enhancement of technological efficiency and safety of emulsion explosives.

Key words: ammonium nitrate, porous ammonium nitrate, heavy ANFO, Emulit VET, commercial explosives, emulsion explosives

Mining Industry Journal №6 (142) 2018, p. 52