Application features and advantages of emulsion explosives on the basis of calcium nitrate

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2018-6-142-50-51
УДК: 622.235

S.E. Mezheritsky, V.A. Sosnin, A.G. Efimkin

The article contains data on the research into dry calcium nitrate for emulsion explosives production and description of physical-chemical properties of their oxidizing basis. The authors present their conclusions on the results of tests of the selected explosives characteristics and properties and on the optimal content of dry calcium nitrate. Key words: drilling and blasting processes, emulsion explosives, commercial explosives, calcium nitrate, dry calcium nitrate, URALCHEM JSC, GosNII Kristall JSC

Mining Industry Journal №6 (142) 2018, p. 50