Equipment for Preparation of Coaly Ores of Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Rare Metals

by Candidate of Sciences (Technical) Anatoliy YAGOFEROV, Chairman of the Community (LLC "Lugansk Machine-Building Plant named after A.Parkhomenko');
Candidate of Sciences (Technical) Yuriy GARIN, Director of the Scientific and Technical Center (LLC "Lugansk Machine-Building Plant named after A. Parkhomenko");
Engineer Vasiliy TOMAREV, Head of the Design Department for Machines and Gravity Saparation Complexes of the Scientific and Technical Center (LLC "Lugansk Machine-Building Plant named after A.Parkhomenko");
Engineer Vladimir BORDYUGOV, Deputy Director of the Scientific and Technical Center in Designing (LLC "Lugansk Machine-Building Plant named after A.Parkhomenko");

Engineer Anatoliy PARKHOMENKO, Director of LLC "Trading House named after A.Parkhomenko"; Candidate of Sciences (Technical) Vladimir KIPA, Director of LLC "Scientific-manufacturing company ARICON"

Leability Limited Company Lugansk Machine-Building Plant named after A.Parkhomenko was founded in 1878 on the basis of reilway shops. These days the company has a solid reputation of a reliable manufacturer of high quality machinery and equipment. The range of the products manufactured by the plant is highly diverse and totals over hundred items of machinery and equipment used at the facilities of ore mining, coal, metallurgical, road-building, chemical, power and other industries.

Mining and concentration equipment manufactured by the plant is very popular and widely used in the FSU coun­tries, China, Iran, Turkey, India, Viet Nam and other countries all over the world.

THE PI.ANT has well developed production facilities and highly qualified specialists working in the specially created scientific and technical center dealing with a continuous improvement, modernization, and upgrading of its product, and creating new items using computer-based techniques.

The shops of the plant are fitted with multipurpose manufac­turing equipment for high-quality foundry, processing, forge and pressing, assembly and welding, mechanical treatment of various materials. This equipment besides allows to switch from one man­ufacturing method to another without hitch. Our plant has a high-capacity base for further development of production. The devel­opment of a production program starts from the identification of most promising and relevant trends. Strategic objectives include design and production of the modern equipment for processing ore of ferrous, non-ferrous and rare metals, slates, coals, house­hold and industrial waste, as well as for cleaning sludge ponds and solution of other manufacturing and ecological problems.

The production program includes the following items:

• Equipment for Jigging:

- jigging machines with beneath-thescreenplate air chambers. Jigging machines M0424, МОЭ18, M0212, MO208 are well known, having found a wide use in preparation of coal, ferrous, non-ferrous and rare metals, and other mineral raw materials.

Jigging machines of the new generation cover all the require­ments in the preparation of ores of ferrous, non-ferrous and rare metals, crushed ferroalloy slag, and so on, and solve various problems of concentration plants. The accomplished upgrading of the existing jigging machines significantly improved their per­formance that now meets all the requirements to mineral pro­cessing equipment.

Modular design is a new approach to jigging machines that al­lows installing these machines directly on their operating site without any additional alterations and readjustments (Figs. 1, 2).

Jigging machines are fitted with pneumatic drive with pul-sators of a new design (Fig. 3).

The working cycle of intake/exhaust pulsator consists of the following sequence:

- intake valve is open, exhaust valve is closed;

- intake and exhaust valve are closed;

- intake valve is closed, exhaust valve is open;

- intake and exhaust valve are closed.

Cycles are repeated with the scheduled frequency of pulses per minute and percentage ratio of open intake to exhaust (50/50, or 60/40, or 40/60, or any other)

Specific features of these pulsators are as follows:

- these are rodless pulsators;

- the ratio of the area shutting the valve inside the pneumocylin-der to the flow area of the inlet branch delivering air from the receiver exceeds the factor of 1.6, which ensures a tight fit of the valve fixed on the pneumocylinder into its seat. Compressed air of the pneumatic control is delivered into pneumocylinders from solenoid-operated air control valves (not shown on Fig. 3). This implies that pulsators can be operated with pneu­matic control with pressure not exceeding that of the operating air (the pulsators used before modernization were with push rods, and pressure of the pneumatic control was necessarily greater than that of the operating air);

- tight sealing;

- no accidental "firing" of the operating air;

- precise operation of valves of pneumocylinders;

- no "sticking" of valves of pneumocylinders.

All the above results in the increase of the efficiency of jigging, and when using jig screen plates with elastic jigging surface en­sure uninterrupted operation without cleaning the jig bed be­cause of choked screen plates.

The control system for the air-pulsating regime is fitted with a block of forced vibrations with LED matrices. The blocks may be also equipped with a system of additive (induced) vibrations, i.e. the cycle INTAKE I, during the downward travel of the processed material includes an additional intake (INTAKE II cycle, imposed vibrations) which allows for wider possibilities for the process ad­justment of a jigging machine in the process of its operation.

Unloading control system (the drive of the discharging device with an asynchronous (induction) motor) is fitted with frequency converters.

The automated control system developed by the Scientific and Technical Center is manufactured using the state-of-the-art hard­ware components, with regards to the latest achievements in electronics, is highly reliable and simple in maintenance.

Monitoring device, available at option, may be hooked up to the control cabinet for the round-the-clock computerized control over the rate of rotation of rotary unloaders of the jigging ma­chine, and for the analysis, processing and archiving of the re­ceived information on a PC. This device allows to control the out­put of the jigging machine, check the unloading process, and se­lect the operating mode without any loss of time.

In 2005 for the first time in the world two air-pulsated jigging machines M0318 manufactured by ООО Luganskiy mashinos-troitelnyy zavod imeni A. Ya. Parkhomenko were used for jigging lumpy iron ores of various classes with lump size -100 mm at Zapadnyy Karazhal Mine of ООО Orken, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Jigging machines with beneath-thescreenplate air chambers VBP-4.0x3-R with jigging area 12 m2, were used at Lisakovsk Mining and Processing Integrated Works of ООО Orken for con­centration of crushed oolitic brown iron ores with particle size minus 3 mm. VBP-4.0x3-R jigs are more efficient than OMR1A jigs used at the enterprise earlier.

Eleven jigging machines VBP-4.0x2-R with jigging area 8 m2, have been in operation at Navoi Mining and Processing Integrated Works (Uzbekistan) for over 12 years. These jigs are noted for their operating reliability and ease of adjustment and maintenance.

Jigging machines of MO type are widely used in concentration of diamond-bearing rocks (kimberlites). AK ALROSA has replaced practically all jigging machines of MOD and OPM types at its en­terprises by VB-2.5x2-P (MO105A), M0212, M0318 jigs. Some im­provement of the design and control systems of the machines, in­cluding use of the additive vibrations, has made it possible to achieve the average level of diamonds recovery of 95-98%.

Jigging machines of MO type account for 99% of the jigs en­gaged in coal and anthracite preparation. They are also very pop­ular in processing various ores, both already mentioned iron, gold and diamond-bearing, and other, such as complex ores, bar­ium and chrome iron ores ( Kromtau, Kaztsink, Kazmarganets, Vostochnoe RU, Kazakhstan), manganese ore (Marganets and

Ordzhonikidze Mining and Processing Integrated Works), ap­atites (Kovdor Mining and Processing Integrated Works), fluorites (Bor-Undur Mining and Processing Integrated Works, Mongolia).

New models of elevating jigging machines: VB-2.3x3-M (screen plate 1.25 m wide, jigging area 7.5 m2, with three chambers) and VB-2.3x2-V (screen plate 1.25 m wide, jigging area 5 m2, with two chambers) have been designed. The machines are meant for pro­cessing foundry slags from ferrochrome and ferromanganese production, clinker of zinc slags, for upgrading of mining dump materials, etc.

- movable-sieve jigs. Movable sieve jigs are one of the promising developments nowadays.

The first trial runs of standard jigging (with movable sieve) at the modern lev­el of mechanics and control systems demonstrated good results. Specific water consumption, as compared with jigging machines of MO type, de­creased more than four-told, and com­pressed air consumption becomes five times as low.

The specialists of our plant have de­veloped the improved versions of mov­able sieve jigs:

- BKhGd-0.2xl-M (a lab jig, sieve width 0.2 m, jigging surface 0.2 m2, output capacity up to 1.5 t/h; heavy fractions are unloaded through a nozzle);

- BKhGd-4.0x2-M (sieve width 2 m,

jigging surface 8 m2, output capacity up to 150 t/h; elevator un­loading);

- BKhGd-2.5x2-M (sieve width 1.25 m, jigging surface 5 m2, out­put capacity up to 110 t/h; elevator unloading);

- BKhGd-0.4xl -M (sieve width 0.4 m, jigging surface 0.4 m2, out­put capacity up to 3.5 t/h; heavy fractions are unloaded through a nozzle);

- BKhGd-1.0x3-M (sieve width 1.0 m, jigging surface 3 m2, out­put capacity up to 80 t/h; unloaded through a nozzle);

- BKhGd-6.0xl;4.0xl-M (sieve width 2 m, jigging surface 10 m2, output capacity up to 250 t/h; elevator unloading).

- dewatering inclined bucket elevators;

- conical screens of GK type for preliminary dewatering and deslurrying of fine coal before jigging, of fine concentrate from jigging machines, and coarse-grained slurry before centrifugal separation at coal preparation plants.

• Equipment Dense-Medium Processing:

- wheel separators SKVP20, SKVP32-500, SKVP32-380, SKV-3/1.2XV (STK12) for dense-medium separation of coal, anthracite and schist with particle size 13-300 mm, producing two products: concentrate and tails;

- suspension collectors for receiving, storage and dispensing of magnetite or ferrosiliceous suspension;

- electromagnetic drum separators of EBM type for regeneration of the dense medium with magnetite dense medium solids.

• Equipment For Coal Flotation:

- mechanical flotation machines for coals MFU6, MFU12, and MFU25 are fitted with aeration units with radiaxial impellers. Specific features of the aeration unit are as follows:

one aeration unit is put into each cell of the machine;

high degree of pulp aeration charac­terized by optimum dispersion and amount of the intake air;

uniform distribution of air through­out the pulp volume;

intense agitation of the pulp in the aeration zone with minimum power con­sumption;

intense release of gas from solution; extensive zone of foam settlement; operation of the aeration unit results in stabilization and intensification of the dispersion of air in the pulp, thus increasing the aeration ca­pacity of air and, as a consequence, improves the flotation effi­ciency.

- pulp conditioning equipment;

- aerodynamic froth destroyer PA-150.

• Screens:vibration (impact), unbalanced-throw screens of light and heavy varieties, with circular vibrations of the screen box (Fig. 4), self-equalizing, with high-frequency directional vi­brations of the screen box (Fig. 5).

Lugansk machine-building plant is an acknowledged leader in manufacturing screens of various modifications in the Ukraine. The Scientific and Technical Center of the plant have examined and analyzed the world practice of manufacturing high-frequen­cy screens, and has developed GVCh-5xl-M and GVCh-5x2 screens with screening surface 5 m2 and sieves in one and two rows respectively, GVCh-14x1 screen with one row of sieves and screening surface 14 m2.

Two GVCh-5x2 screens are presently working in the Ukraine, at dry screening of ferrosilicon, one, with vibratory displacement frequency 1500 min-1, is in Russia, and three, with vibratory dis­placement frequency 1000 min-1, is in Kazakhstan.

Design, development and manufacturing of home-made screens will dispense with buying similar costly equipment abroad.

The following options are presented to our customers:

- screens may be of any nominal size and for any purpose;

- screens may be fitted with grates, rubber wear-resistant, wire-mesh or slotted sieves;

- in the process of installation the motor may be place right or left the screen, without any changes in the structure;

- rolling or fixed frames may be supplied together with screens,

as well as spraying devices and dustproof covers;

- screens may be manufactured for nonconventional operating conditions, including confined environment;

- the size of the screening surface may be made larger or smaller than those of the standard screens;

- vibrator bearings lubricant may be solid (consistent) or liquid (oil-bath).

• Elevators, specialized, inclined.

• Elevators dewatering.

• Fixed Chain And Flight (Scraper) Conveyors with round-link chains, for transportation and loading coal and other bulk materials.

• Fixed Chain And Flight (Scraper) Conveyors of KSGS Type.

• Feeders: swinging of PK type and specialized of PL type.

• Feeders OF ZhVEM Type with electromagnetic drive, for controlling distribution of batches of non-glutinous loose materi­als from storage hoppers, funnels and other load-transfer devices in a dust-filled (up to 20%) environment with increased humidity at metallurgical, coal-processing, mining, construction, chemical and other enterprises.

• Iron Separator: suspended of P type, self-unloading of PS type, placed beneath conveyor belts, and pulley separators of Sh type, installed instead of driving or tension drums of belt conveyors.

• Magnetic Separator PBE-90/250, for removing ferromag­netic particles from emulsions, products of burning of emulsol oils from cold-rolling mill. This separator may be used for regen­eration of heavy suspension.

• Attachable Car Vibrator VNV-21, for cleaning bottom-dis­charge open box cars from remains of coals, anthracites and oth­er loose materials at elevated lines, to delivery bins and other re­ceptacles.

• Magnetic Lifters Of EMV Type, for lifting and transporta­tion of steel and cast-iron items (plates, pigs, scrap metal, etc.) at ambient air temperatures from -35°C to +40°C.

• Compressor Plants of VTs type (air turboblowers) and of GTs type (gas turboblowers) for compression and suction of air, oxy­gen, overheated steam, nitrogen, ammonia, air mixtures, ferroal­loy furnace gas, carbon dioxide, saturation gas, gas from mine furnaces at metallurgical works, electric power plants, chemical and coke-chemical enterprises, yeast plants for feed antibiotics, in sugar refining industry, for vacuum cleaning of premises, etc.

The plant manufactures two variants of control cabinets for compressor plants:

- variant 1: electrical motor winding may be switched over from star to delta reducing starting current by a factor of 1.73 and fa­cilitating the startup of the compressor;

- variant 2: use of the soft starter and gradual braking device Altistart 48. This variant, as compared with variant 1, has a number of advantages.

Electric drive of a compressor operated by stating device Altistart 48 makes it possible to do the following:

- to attenuate the impact of the engine start on the electric net­work by limiting current surges and voltage dips in the net­work;

- to control the startup time and provide heat insulation of the engine;

- to uphold the torque developed by the engine in the course of acceleration and deceleration, thus significantly decreasing impact loads on the compressor itself;

- to display and control electric parameters of the engine, state of the load and operating time;

- to integrate the drive easily into the plant automated system/

• Pneumatic Separators (vibropneumatic) for dry cleaning of coal, ores, and other loose materials.

• Gearboxes of TsDND and TsTHD Type, used in drive groups of conveyors, feeders, and other machines.

• Gearboxes KTsN-1001 and RLKU-250I, used in conveyors in mines, preparation plants and other enterprises.

• Centrifuges: filtering centrifuges FVSh-l.00Nl, FVSh-1320 and horizontally mounted scroll centrifuge TsfShnG-l.OO-VM-02P (slimes centrifuge).

• Development and Manufacturing of the Above Machinery and Equipment With Different Dimensions or Other Sizes Subject to Approval by the Customer.

• Manufacturing of Spare Parts.

• Automatic Process Control Systems for Mining and Processing Enterprises.

Scientific and industrial enterprise ООО NPP ARIKON has de­signed, manufactures and offers on the turn-key basis a series of automatic process control systems ARIKON ASU TP to be used with the equipment manufactured by ООО Luganskiy mashinos-troitelnyy zavod imeni A.Ya. Parkhomenko, covering practically the whole cycle of processing of the source (run-of-mine) materi­al - from the delivery for preparation to the shipment of the end products - at mining and processing enterprises. The main systems among those designed are as follows:

- automatic control system for jigging process ARIKON ASU TP TO;

- automatic control system for flotation process ARIKON ASU TP FT,

-automatic control system for filtration process ARIKON ASU TP FLT;

- automatic system for controlling process parameters of the wa­ter-slurry pumping system ARIKON ASU TP VShKh;

- automatic system for monitoring process load on belt convey­ors ARIKON ASU TP TN;

- automatic control system for receiving coal delivery ARIKON ASU TP UGP;

- automatic control system for rock components ARIKON ASU TPPRK;

- automatic control system for coal preparation ARIKON ASU TP UP;

- automatic control system for the process of car loading ARIKONASU TP POG;

-system of operational dispatch management of process facili­ties machinery ARIKONASU TP ODU;

-automatic control system for dense medium separation process ARIKONASU TP TS;

-integrated automatic control system for operating procedure of a process plant ARIKONASU TP OF

Structurally all the automatic process control systems consist of several modules designed by the principle "one module - one subject to control". The subject may be a separate engineering unit and a group of the same. All modules are highly unified at the input/output interfaces and by the software, which makes it easy to join various modules within one system or between sys­tems serving different processes. Such approach also simplifies adjustment, maintenance and repairs of the hardware, thus re­ducing operating expenses and providing maximum efficiency at the minimum cost.

The components of the automatic process control systems in­clude hardware (industrial computers without coolers, con­trollers, I/O modules for interface signals, etc.), certified software and communications protocols from the best world suppliers, usually on the basis of leading edge microprocessor engineering and computer art with a high level reliability and low level of en­ergy consumption.

Functional capabilities of the automatic process control sys­tems have a fairly wide range allowing to control all the necessary operational parameters of various processes and handle the process in real time regime, create databases for any given period in the form of graphs, tables, etc., print out data, visually follow the process on monitor screens and so on. In each individual case functional capabilities are determined by the specific technology of the automated process and requirements of the customer.

A number of automatic process control systems of the latest generation is now successfully operated at processing enterprises of the Ukraine (processing plants Duvanskaya, Samsonovskaya, Vakhrushevskaya in Donbass) and in Russia (processing plant Belovskaya in Kuzbass), a new automatic system is being made for controlling flotation process at processing plant Berezovskaya.

Trading House has been created at Lugansk machine-building plant. The Trading House manages the market policy and sales of the products manufactured by the plant, develops the network of the representatives that will cover the key regions in the Ukraine and the FSU countries as a long-term prospect.

The high professional level of the workers, employees and ad­ministration, their ability to work under market conditions, makes it possible to solve problems facing the enterprises of the fuel-and-energy and mining-and-metallurgical sectors.

At the customer's request we can provide, under separate con­tracts, services of installation and commissioning of the machin­ery and equipment manufactured by our plant.

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