At the Leading Edge of the Industry

P. Larionov, Technical Director of Aleksandrovskiy mashinostroitelnyy zavod, JSC

Aleksandrov machine-building plant (AMZ) is one of the old­est plants specializing in manufacturing mining machinery and equipment. Its operations date back for 205 years, when the plant produced mine cars, and in two centuries, evolving togeth­er with coal industry enterprises, has gone through all the stages of the industry development, providing mining operations with the machinery and equipment that made coal mining safer, more efficient and technology intensive.

TODAY AMZ is a public corporation that has successfully negoti­ated a strenuous economic period at the end of the previous cen­tury and gained a strong position on the world market of mining machinery and equipment. Products with trade mark of AMZ operate in many countries all over the world: Egypt, Bolivia, Angola, Viet-Nam, Kazakhstan, Ukraine. For many years the plant upholds fruitful cooperation with most of the mining enterprises of Russia. Its major business partners include Seuerostal, SUEK, Sibirugol, Norilskiy Nikel, Uralkaliy, Silvinit, Apatit, ALROSA, and the largest mine in Russia, Raspadskaya.

Manufacturing of mining machinery and equipment by AMZ is always oriented on the tasks facing mine operators: increase of the coal production volume, reduction in the accident and break­down rate, cutdown on the time spent on repairs of machinery and equipment. This approach is a true recipe for creating a sta­ble demand for the plant products and long-term cooperation

For several decades one of the main products of AMZ has been belt conveyors for transportation of coal, ores and other loose materials up to 500 mm grain-size class, irrespective of the densi­ty of the transported material. According to the customers' requirements the plant manufactures conveyors with belt 650; 800; 1,000; 1,200; 1,400; 1,600 mm thick. Maximum length of one conveyor is calculated for each individual case and, depending on the route profile, may be as long as 2,500 m and even more. At the beginning of this year a technologically unique conveyor 2,250 m long was shipped to Krasnoyarskaya mine (Kuzbass). Its main specific feature is that it is fitted with two takeup devices.

Conveyor speed is constantly increasing, it has exceeded 3.15 m/sec long ago. Nowadays a new kind of conveyor line is being developed: with rollers specially designed for high speed operations.

Conveyors manufactures by AMZ are fitted with various types of takeup devices: drawworks electrical and hand takeups, screw, grav­ity (suspended), and cartridge-type takeups. Several mines have our recent development - a tracking tension station ensuring the con­veyor belt start without slapping - installed at their conveyors.

Our conveyors include also models that work together with con­tinuous miners, other variations along with the transportation of rock material can transport people to the wall face and back on both flights of the conveyor. All types of conveyors manufactured by our plant are fitted with explosion-proof electrical equipment allowing their safe operation in mines with dust or gas explosion hazard.

The plant also manufactures feeders with the loading apron 1,200,1,500 and 1,800 mm wide; track-mounted scoop trams, also widely used in underground railway construction; mine trolley-wire locomotives with trailing weight 4, 7,10, and 14 tonnes.

Presently the mining industry undergoes a profound moderni­zation and renovation. The specialists of AMZ anticipated this tendency a few years ago and set themselves a goal to keep ahead of it. More powerful drive station, tension station for a conveyor with the belt 1,200 mm wide, a belt loader with the belt 650 mm, a line flight with the belt 1,400 mm wide - these are but a small part of the new developments introduced lately. In the opinion of the Kuzbass miners conveyor lines manufactured by the Aleksandrov Machine-building Plant are the best in the world.

The plant, as a marketing development, has designed new belt conveyors capable to carry copper ores with density up to 3 ton/m3 (for the Gay mining and metallurgical integrated works, Kazakhmys).

A step change took place in the relationships of the plant with its customers: they have become mach more versatile and flexible. These days AMZ using the existing basic models creates new machines capable of working in any kind of mining conditions. By the request of the miners of the Karaganda coal basin, the electric motors of the transmission in type 2L100A conveyors have been moved and now are located beneath the belt. This engineering deci­sion is the same for dual- and triple-drive conveyors of this type, and due to it the dimensions of the drive station have become noticeably smaller. As the installation time is a very important factor customer-wise, the technical department has designed boltless conveyor lines, replacing bolts by cotter joints.

Besides, our plant has purchased equipment for manufactur­ing V-joints for glued lining of belt pulleys.

Today the specialists of the plant can design and manufacture any unconventional, tailor-made machinery and equipment у the customers' orders in the shortest possible time.

Outstanding technical characteristics of the manufactured mining machinery and equipment, their increased service life, delivery of spare parts upon request -this is the basic principles of the working policy on AMZ.