Innovation Approach to Technological Evaluation at Investigation and Development of Solid Mineral Raw Material Deposits

Т. Bashlykova, MIS-and-S, NVP Center-ESTAgeo, LLC

EFFICIENCY and stability of economic development of any mineral country depend on interface efficiency of mining and minerals pro­cessing enterprises. In turn degree of reliability of geological and economic estimate at the stage of investigations of mineral raw ma­terial objects and optimality of the accepted technological deci­sions at the stage of their development have influence on stability of economic development.

State-of-the-art technological evaluation or technological proper­ty evaluation and mineral raw material concentrating being the inte­gral part of geological and economic evaluation shall meet environ­mental requirements and resource saving, innovation development of science, equipment and technology, rational and multipurpose utilization of bowel of the earth, maximum achievable completeness of processing. Considering these requirements it is necessary to in­crease both completeness and reliability of technological estimate of mineral raw materials. Solution of this task consists in changing al­gorithm of carrying out technological evaluation of mineral raw ma­terials and maximum possible exclusion of human factors.

Justification of recommended technology and parameters of mineral raw material processing in the first place repose on data of the investigation of material constitution, structural-textural fea­tures, physicochemical and other properties and only secondarily-on the results of technological tests. These requirements have been issued by State reserves committee and determine algorithm of evaluation, i.e. refusal of priority and/or singular technological test­ing of equipment by the approximation method and enhancement of the role of technological mineralogy.

First of all the state-of-the-art technological evaluation involves de­tailed investigation of material constitution of raw materials by means of complete complex of update methods of technological mineralogy and analytical tools, determination of technological properties, their contrast, justification of rational technology of processing. And only then series of experiments in operating conditions shall be carried out. In this case the objective justification of applicability of each method and apparatus is presented in the proposed technological scheme. The objective justification of applicability will be required during the whole time of operation of a mining-processing enterprise.

Reliable estimate allows defining recoverable value of mineral raw materials as well as the level of inevitable process losses of valuable component, which under deposit development will pass into category of regulatory losses for the particular deposit.

By means of the state-of-the-art technological evaluation it is possible to justify, develop and introduce into the practice of explo­ration and mining work:

- administrative and technological measures directed towards real­ization of innovation policy in the region of geological investiga­tion of bowel, reproduction of mineral raw material resources, in­crease of recoverable value of solid mineral raw material deposits;

- expert systems of bowel exploitation including the systems of mineral raw material certification according to recoverable value (technological properties), systems of quantitative estimate of the extent of rationality and completeness of bowel develop­ment, systems of audit of bowel exploitation, decision support systems on development of resources in the region and others;

- rational complexes of innovation technological decisions direct­ed towards increase of efficiency of development of solid miner­al raw material deposits.

Realization of the proposed designs will take enhancement of process resource in the region of bowel exploitation, its scientific-methodological provision, technical support and staffing.

State-of-the-art technological evaluation of mineral raw materials

The stade of development of mineral complex

Types of technological studies

Active tasks

Bottom line

Geological investigation

Predictive technological estimate

Certification of mineral raw materials acc. to recoverable value

Optimization of mining, ore pretreatment and ore processing during deposit development.

Development of rational complex of technological decisions for increase of efficiency of deposite development

Geological investigation

Mineralogical and technological charting

Separation of technological types of ores

Geological investigation and development of deposits

Process tests

Development of optimal technology and rational process flow sheet of ore pretreatment and dressing

Development of deposits

Process expertise of accepted technical and process decisions

Evaluation of efficiency of innovations

Geological investigation and development of deposits

Monitoring of technology processes

Justification of regime characteristics

Development of deposits

Evaluation of ecological risk

Lowering of development pressure on environment