MFSS - communication, warning and positioning of the personnel in underground coal mines

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2019-1-143-37-40

A.V. Novikov, K.V. Panevnikov, I.V. Pisarev

The article discusses the issues concerning the details of design and operation of a group of computer-aided systems belonging to a multifunctional safety system (MFSS) providing communication, warning and positioning of the personnel in underground coal mines.

It is stated that the requirements to this group of systems stipulated in the Federal norms and regulations «Safety rules of underground coal mines» evolve due to amendments covering specific parameters for a number of functions and approved by the directives of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia (Rostekhnadzor). The article presents brief descriptions of the functions with progressive parameters and characteristics of the modern positioning systems and emergency warning systems. The authors prove that combined application of cable and wireless communication in the system design provides high effectiveness of the communication infrastructure, which is applicable not only for the purposes of these systems, but also for crossbar tandem switching for other systems of the multifunctional safety system.

The authors describe the areas of such systems development addressing the expansion of the features and enhancement of the reliability, as well as the improvement of safety in operation in underground mines. These are based on the philosophy of continuous monitoring of the personnel position in underground workings with the implementation of miner - system operator two-way communication. The article conclusions contain propositions on further development of the requirements to parameters and functions, which are aimed at the enhancement of the performance and effectiveness of communication, warning and personnel positioning systems.

Key words: safety, cap lamp, mine working, reliability, warning, parameters, personnel, positioning, rules, development, system, accuracy, function, underground mine

Mining Industry Journal №1 (143) 2019, p.37