World trends of coal industry development

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2019-1-143-24-29

L.S. Plakitkina, Yu.A. Plakitkin, K.I. Dyachenko

The article is the analysis of the world coal industry development in the period of 2000-2017. It has been found that currently, the world coal industry virtually reached its golden age. Some countries cut the number of mines, other stopped the use of coal for power generation, and only developing economies, mainly in Asia and Middle East, expand coal production and consumption. However, high volatility in other energy prices depending among other factors on the world political situation help coal remain a reliable and cheap energy source.

Another favorable factor is the application of modern technologies of coal processing and use, which provide for more efficient application of coal not only in power generation but also in some other sectors, including coal chemistry. Application of advanced technologies emerging under the effect of Industry 4.0 Program produced on the coal sector will help cut coal production costs, enhance output per man in the sector and improve safety-in-mining that will also become a favorable factor for coal use. The forecast of the world coal demand shows two possible scenarios of the coal sector development in the period up to 2035: further decrease in coal output and use as the continuation of the trend, which began in 2013, or stabilizing of the world coal output and consumption at a level of 7-8 billion tons.

Key words: coal, Industry 4.0, output, coal demand, coal market size, GDP, coal basins of Russia, coal-fired power plants, analysis and forecast of the world coal consumption in 2000-2035.

Mining Industry Journal №1 (143) 2019, p.24