Global Mining Industry in 2018 and its Perspectives

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2019-1-143-14-22

V.B. Kondratyev

Over the past decade, commodity prices reached both historic highs and historic lows, mining companies engaged in both significant acquisitions and consolidation, and operational realities shifted profoundly in the face of a digital revolution. That theme holds true over the past year as well. After hitting the bottom of the cycle, prices for many commodities have been slowly recovering, driven by Chinese government stimulus and improved demand in both developed and emerging economies. In many respects, the mining sector is once again poised for growth. It also catalyzed some important changes in the industry, changes which are likely to have long-lasting effects.

Key words: global mining industry, structural transformation, basic trends, development outlook

Mining Industry Journal №1 (143) 2019, p.14