Import-substituting products of the Machinostroitelny Holding ZAO

V.V. Lyukhanov, S.B. Alferov

The article discusses the results of application of new MH ZAO products during a 5-year period, from the year 2006 on, by the largest GOK (mineral mining and processing companies) in Russia and Ukraine, as well as by drilling companies. The article also contains the analysis of internal reasons holding back the MH ZAO drilling tool application by underground and surface mines on a larger scale as an alternative to equipment imported from abroad. The authors criticize the skepticism of managers of the companies responsible for the purchase and supply of drilling tools to Russian consumers and casting some suspicion on the capacity of Russian manufacturers to produce reliable drilling tools. In contradiction they present some large-scale case studies of the MH ZAO cooperation with consumers of their products.


Mining Industry Journal №1 2012, p.38