PAUS German “custom-tailor” services for Russian mines

P.B. Pashko, I.P. Zakharov

The article describes a broad range of PAUS machinery, which is in great demand at underground mines and tunneling companies implementing construction projects in mountainous areas worldwide. Since the very early days of its activity PAUS has been oriented towards the development of customized solutions for its clients, design of machinery for customers’ projects and utmost possible adaptation of machines to customers’ conditions. For instance, PAUS PSF 200 – a dinting machine making the road surface of haulage workings smooth; PAUS MINCA – a four-wheel drive mine transport vehicle; PMKT series of multipurpose dump trucks; KRF 40 bucket-loader for auxiliary processes; Universa 50 - a multi-purpose carrier vehicle with a hydraulic quick-change frame. All PAUS machines have proved to be rather efficient in operation at mines in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and some other countries of the former Soviet Union. The authors present data on PAUS machinery manufactured to order of mines operating in Russia and some other CIS countries. Data is also included on complete set options of every commercially available machine. The article is provided with a sufficient number of pictures of most of the PAUS machines.


Mining Industry Journal №1 2012, p.82