Innovations for mining and construction materials production sectors


Russian company RENOVATSIYA OOO offers a broad range of bearings of Russian and foreign origin from the following manufacturers: TD EPK OOO (Moskovsky Podshipnik OOO, Volzhsky Podshipnikovy Zavod OAO, Stepnogorsky Podshipnikovy Zavod OAO, Saratovsky Podshipnikovy Zavod OAO); SPZ Group OAO (SPZ-9 OAO, SPZ-4 OAO) (in Samara); Minsky Podshipnikovy Zavod OAO; GPZ-10 OAO (in Rostov-on-Don); VPZ ZAO (in Vologda); KPK (in Kursk); FAG-INA (in Germany); SKF (in Sweden). Renovatsiya OOO supplies bearings to various sectors of the economy: transport machinery manufacture; motor-car manufacture, agricultural machinery manufacture; fuel and energy industries, chemical, petrochemical, mechanical-rubber fabrication sectors, as well as food and material processing industries, mineral processing facilities. Motor transport companies, machinery manufacturers, regional bearing supply centers are among main consumers of the company products.

Mining Industry Journal №1 2012, p.94