Mashinostroitelny Holding ZAO: High quality well drilling equipment for the substitution of imports

V.V. Lyukhanov, S.B. Alferov

The article presents drilling equipment and drilling tools manufactured by the Mashinostroitelny Holding ZAO (MH ZAO), which are able to successfully substitute for similar imported products. The case studies of the machinery application by the Apatit OAO, Olkon OAO, Uchalinsky GOK OAO and Rudnik Karal'veyem OAO prove the fact that the products manufactured by the OAO MH are highly competitive to the equipment of foreign manufacturers in terms of their performance specifications and operation. MH ZAO invites mining operators, which have in use drilling rigs of foreign manufacturers, to get evidence of the reliability and performance efficiency of the MH ZAO-made drilling equipment by way of conducting joint comparative trials.