Cantilever - Type Drum Mills

The article described an integrated work package undertaken by Tekhnika I tekhnologiya dezintegratsii (TTD) aimed at the improvement of the design of cantilever-type drum mills and their interior components. A new make of such mill designed for autogenous and semi-autogenous grinding and tumbling includes improved profiled (conical-shaped) lining and profiled elevators, as well as a new design of discharge table for drum mills.
Cantilever-type mills, even with large diameter (8—12 m), can easily be shipped to any remote and difficult of access locations, where they can be promptly set up without concrete foundations. Unproblematic mounting and possibility of mills transportation by blocks and units make them a good prospect for underground use. Fitting the cantilever-type mills with the lining and discharge tables of the new design results in the decrease of energy consumption per 1 t of processed ore by 30—50%.